Is it possible/hard to rename the Sitecore Databases after installation?

Our installation in our development environment was given a very confusing prefix for the databases.

Is it possible to rename them?

How much trouble am I getting myself into?

using: Sitecore 8.1 Update 3 and Coveo


  • If you are referring to the actual database names in sql server, you will change them in connectionstrings.config located in your site's app_config folder.
    These are different than the database names "master", "web", "core" which are IDs in your configuration files and are used to pick the connection string to use.
  • Just rename them in your SQL Management Studio an be sure to put the new name in the connectionStrings.config:

    <add name="core" connectionString="Data Source=.\SQLEXPRESS;Initial Catalog=NEW_NAME_core;Integrated Security=False;User ID=USERID;Password=PWD" />

    Best regards

  • Scenario 1
    If you are looking to just rename the Database without renaming the physical database file (.mdf) and log file (.ldf)
    1. You can achieve that by using MS SQL Management Studio and renaming the database
    2. Update the connectionstrings in the connectionString.config file in .../website/App_Config/ConnectionStrings.config file for the databases you just renamed. The connection strings are for the master, core, web, analytics databases.

    Scenario 2
    If you are looking to rename the Database name and rename the physical database file (.mdf) and log file (.ldf)
    1. Stop the corresponding sitecore site app_pool from IIS
    2. Use SQL Management Studio to dettach the database first
    3. Rename the physical database file (.mdf) and log file (.ldf)
    4. Reattach the database using SQL Management Studio
    5. If you want to rename the database - follow steps in scenario 1

    I would recommend taking backup before performing any renaming.

    Hope this helps.