Unable to resolve dependency Sitecore.Framework.Conditions from Sitecore.Mvc.Analytics

Hi there,

I'm attempting to create a VS solution using steps outlined here:


And when it comes time to install the Sitecore.Mvc.Analytics package from Nuget, it fails with an "Unable to resolve dependency Sitecore.Framework.Conditions" error.  I can't find a single google hit on what that could mean. 

Can anyone help out?

Thanks much.

- Wililam

  • Hi all,

    It would appear we had an issue with packages surfacing correctly on myget. Hopefully this should be resolved now!

    Please clear your caches for the sc-packages feed and try restoring again.
  • In reply to Mark Cassidy:

    Hey Mark (and all), there was an issue with our supplier at MyGet which has now been resolved. NuGet v2 should now be working just fine.

    The workaround (direct reference to sc-framework-packages) should no longer be needed.