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Installing Content Delivery on its own server using Sitecore 9 what all needs installed?

(sorry I had posted this in the wrong forum)

If installing Content Delivery on its own server using Sitecore 9, do I simply need to run the Install-SitecoreConfiguration on sitecore-XP1-cd.json?

Or do I need to also install Solr on that machine and then run the Install-SitecoreConfiguration on xconnect-solr.json and sitecore-solr.json?

I presume I need to install the xConnect Client cert?


Thanks for any help anyone can be.

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  • Hi Dave,

    Follow the official guide from page 30 onwards which describes the scaled topology for Sitecore 9.

    If you are using separate servers then you will need valid SSL/TLS certificates

    You will install Solr first, for production servers, I have seen Solr has its own server which can then be accessed over https.

    So in general, you will need valid certificates for the common domain, Solr and then you can install individual roles
  • In reply to Naveed Ahmad:

    The official documentation _does not_ cover (in any way) the detailed setup of a CD node in a situation, where the CD node would rely on a database within the DMZ zone as there is no databases deployed as part of the sitecore-xp1-cd.json role. The role does not even require the sqladmin username or password (which offers a hint on this). So, the CD node will installation will complete successfully in such a scenario, but will not be able to load as there are no CD databases available for you CD node.
    This is somewhat surprising as this would be the most common setup for an on-prem installation as you would normally not have the database for CD nodes in the same security zone as your CM environment.