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Magento Integration With Sitecore

Hi Guys,

I am looking for some information and details around Magento Integration with Sitecore, what am i trying to find at the moment is:

1) Licensing requirements with Magento (I tried in Magento couldn't find any)

2) Setup process.

3) Catalog management and Synchronization between two systems(Sitecore and Magento)

4) Feasibility of Magento with Sitecore

5) Any issues and risks to be considered.


Let me know your thoughts and feedback.




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  • I did an integration with Magento. It's very simple as Magento presents a SOAP service you can pull into a web project by adding a service reference. We used it as a repository mostly for orders and logins.

    Bitnami has a Magento container but I don't know the license reqs. Is Sitecore Commerce not an option?