Suggestion on How to maintain global catalogs with single site

Hi All,

We have single site and would want to implement global product catalog. The true source for catalog is SAP ERP system. With minion we want to get the catalog (products, currencies, price etc)

for each country with different currencies and store it on sitecore commerce. On load of store page we will pass the country to get the products for the specific country and display them with corresponding currency, price.

What would be your recommendation on the approach of storing the catalog information in this case?

We are on SXC-9.0.1



Jyoti Bagali

  • We implemented something similar. We made it all Currency and Language-based:
    -We have multiple catalogs sharing most of the products with possibility to have country-specific products (It's all relationships anyway)
    -When you navigate on the site, we resolve your language based on your GeoIp (And store it in a cookie)
    -You language maps to a Catalog Configuration in Sitecore with a link to the corresponding catalog.
    -Each product has different pricing per currency. For example if you're on Australia Catalog you'd see the AUD price...

    Hope that helps.