Issue on Commerce Server Staging: Staging project get aborted while publishing commerce server items.

I am trying to publish the commerce server items From CM to CD through Staging Project(Catelog Incremental). But I am getting this error. Any idea on why this error pops up?

Failed to import business data for 'Catalog' resource for project 'CatalogIncremental' : CommerceServer.Core.Staging.StagingSubsystemException: CatalogImport failed. See log for details.23302:Procedure or function ctlg_Insert_SubCategory_en-US has too many arguments specified.   at CommerceServer.Core.Staging.CatalogHandler.Import(String project, BusinessData businessData, String projectLocation, String destinationSite)
  at CommerceServer.Core.Staging.BusinessDataStagingEngine.ImportBusinessData(String projectName, String projectLocation)

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  • Do you have any custom scripts being run before/after the staging project execution? I did a quick search on the OOB SP or functions, I cannot find ctlg_Insert_SubCategory_en-US or ctlg_Insert_SubCategory_*.
  • Try checking the compatibility here

    Could be a compatibility issue.
  • Few Pointers

    Is the version of Commerce Server matches on both servers?

    Can you try to publish from the Commerce Server tool and check if the error is occurring?

    I have used this process to publish the commerce products and categories from CM to CD and we have never faced any issue apart from Service on CD was stopped a few times in a month.

    Can you try another option than CatalogIncremental (I think replacing the catalog)