Related fulfillment option for a fulfillment method

I want to determine the Fulfillment option type that belongs to a Fulfillment method.

The option type I need for setting the ShippingOptionType that's used in the Commerce Connect layer.

However, I can't find any Commerce Connect (or Commerce Server) functionality to retrieve the option type a method belongs to.


Am I missing something? How should I retrieve the option type belonging to a method?

  • Hello Joost,
    Try this -
    var shippingServiceProvider = new ShippingServiceProvider();
    var shippingOptionsRequest = new GetShippingOptionsRequest(cart);
    var shippingOptionsResult = shippingServiceProvider.GetShippingOptions(shippingOptionsRequest);

    Then for each shippingOption you can get the shipping methods and match your shipping method's id to find the option for your shipping method.


    You may need to write a custom processor for <commerce.shipping.getShippingOptions>