Upgrade path from Sitecore Commerce 8 to 9

I am looking at upgrading an existing 8.x commerce solution to 9.  I don't see any upgrade paths or instructions - is that just not published yet?

  • Upgrade from previous Commerce releases is not supported.
  • In reply to Andrei Paliakou:

    Upgrade from 8.2.1 is supposed to be supported according to the materials I have seen. Also, a migration tool for Catalog and Profiles is supposed to be released sometime soon. While migration of Catalog and Profiles doesn't constitute a true upgrade, it does make life a little easier.
  • There is no upgrade path from Commerce 8, 821 to Commerce 9. The plugins created for commerce 821 can be ported to the new version, in the SDK I can also see the two plugins - one for Customer migration and other for the upgrade but that will support only the catalog migration but I am yet to explore those.

  • In reply to Saurabh Sachdeva:

    In tuth Sitecore Commerce is best rebuilt rather than upgraded for major releases. We did both from 7->8 and 8->8.1 and 8.1 -> 9. Rebuild wins!!

    At Bunnings ANZ the upgrade from 8.1 to 9.0 took a team of 15 developers 5 weeks to complete. Saying that 50+ developers are keeping those two sites runnings (BAU).