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Install sitecore XC 9.0.1 on Windows 8.1


currently I try to install sitecore XC 9.0.1 on Windows 8.1. The Problem is that the installation instructions are not complete for windows 8.1 because of the IIS version 8.5.

and currently I have one problem with the signing from SSL certificates.


The installation from sitecore XP was no problem.

but now when I try to install the XC I got the following error


Install-SitecoreConfiguration : Es wurde kein Parameter gefunden, der dem Parameternamen "Signer" entspricht.


I've found a site which shows how to set the ssl certificate for the XP installation 




but I am not able to adopt this solution in the XC installation.


someone else got the installation running on windows 8.1 ?

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  • I have not tried installing XC9 on Windows 8.1, but we did it on Windows 10 (just to see if it's possible). If I recall correctly, we needed to install the remote server admin tools as they contain modules required by the XC SIF. Also, had to modify the managecommerceservice.psm1 because Install-WindowsFeature command is only available for Windows Server, and the desktop OS are using Enable-WindowsOptionalFeature instead.

    Overall, XC development on desktop OS is not a good idea.