Sitecore XC 9.0.2 BizTools - Tags not saving

After a fresh single machine install of XC 9.0.2 I've noticed that new tags are not saving when entered in BizTools. Has anyone ran into this or is it just me?

Trying to create new Item Definitions for a catalog, and add additional tags to sellable items but no tags are being saved. Enabled information logging and can force other warnings/errors such as the 'AlphanumericOnly_NameValidationError', but nothing comes up in regards to Tags. Application seems to treat the updates as successful but the tags are not saved.

Any known way to specifically debug the tags or steps to resolve?


  • This is a "feature" of the BizFx tools :) After typing in the tag name, with the cursor still in the tags field, hit "Enter" so that the client-side validation converts your new tag into a tag-looking "brick". Now you can save your tags.