Salesforce Connect for Sitecore - API documentation or code examples


I've set up a demo/dev environment for myself and want to get started with Sitecore / Salesforce integration. I'm using Salesforce Connect for Sitecore ( and successfully worked through the installation guide but I don't know how to fetch contacts from Salesforce or do any other API calls. Does anyone know where to find an API documentation or code examples for this module?

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  • I have the same query.

    Have you found something ?
  • Well I have also integrated Sitecore with Salesforce using the same module. You don't really need to explicitly fetch the contacts from Salesforce, you should be able to view all those contacts in User Manager of Sitecore, by default. I have followed  this guide: Hope this helps.

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    Thanks for the reply.

    I went through the same PDF and i have implemented "Partial support installation" . But thing is, i am not able to see any contacts on Sitecore Instance. Also, i did't found any Live Domain configuration in this document so that both can communicate with each other (i.e. Salesforce and Sitecore ).

    Is there any Video tutorial or anything available for this ? I have found some code sample from GitHub as well i.e. URL which u mentioned, How to use that ?

    Looking forward to hear from you. Really need your help :)

    Chirayu Brahmbhatt
  • FuseIT S4S is a quality and comprehensive connector for Salesforce, if you don't mind to pay the fee. It free you from the hassles to setup all the necessary parts in Salesforce. All the Salesforce calls are just SOQL, a SQL like language to query Salesforce entities. If you know the name of entity and fields, it's actually quite easy to use. To get Contact out of Salesforce, the code would like:

    Select [field name] from Contact where SitecoreVisitorId__c = [sitecore contact id]

    SitecoreVisitorId__c is a field in Salesforce for S4S to match the Sitecore contact
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    Yaa i went through S4S but i am looking for free one :(
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    I have recently given a webinar on this and have shown all the details for creating this connectivity/resolving issues faced. The recording is available at  and

    Thanks and Regards,

    Amrita Shukla

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    Hello Amrita, I went through your entire video " and verified I am doing things right, all the way till full support for salesforce. I have the tokenrequesturl added such as:




    In salesforce I make sure I have the call back url as:

    Callback URL

    Needless to say that I added these because otherwise i was getting the "SalesForceAuthException". But after I added these, I am now seeing this weird exception in the logs, when I try to add a salesforce user from sitecore user manager, 

    9908 04:08:26 ERROR Sitecore.Salesforce *** Exception during initializing Salesforce user. User name: debutest
    Exception: Newtonsoft.Json.JsonReaderException
    Message: Unexpected character encountered while parsing value: <. Path '', line 0, position 0.
    Source: Sitecore.Salesforce.Client
    at Sitecore.Salesforce.Client.SalesforceClient.HttpGet[T](String resource)
    at Sitecore.Salesforce.Client.SalesforceClientExtensions.QueryAll[T](ISalesforceClient client, String query)
    at Sitecore.Salesforce.Api.ContactsApi.GetContactsWithPaging(String query, Int32 pageIndex, Int32 pageSize)
    at Sitecore.Salesforce.Security.SalesforceMembershipProvider.InitializeCreate(String& username, String& password, String& email, String& passwordQuestion, String& passwordAnswer, MembershipCreateStatus& status)

    9908 04:08:26 INFO Sitecore.Salesforce *** Couldn't create Salesforce user. User name: debutest; Create status: ProviderError (Called by: SalesforceMembershipProvider)