Short friendly URL


First of all, I am using Sitecore 9 update 1.

I have in my solution a folder that contains several items with the information I want to display. All of these items have not presentation details, so I have an item that has the presentation details and get the items information and display it. The URL would be something like MyWebsite/Details?Id={itemId} 

So my question is: Is there any module that get the information of the item and display it in the same way I explained but generates a short and a more friendly URL? I would like something like MyWebsite/Details/ItemTitle or any other URL that not contains the item ID.

This is requiered because my client says that from the SEO point of view will be affecting their google ranking.

Thank you in advance. Diego


  • Perhaps you can use a wildcard item, it comes out of the box.
    in your Sitecore tree create a item with name "*" below your Details item..

    All urls like: /Details/something and /Details/itemtitle1 and /Details/itemtitle2 go to the * item,
    Get the URL parse and get the data.

    See Professional Sitecore Development
    Door John West

    But you can also rethink your solution, why have those items not a Layout?, presentation details. It makes it lots easier and more understandable. for caching, personalisation, analytics, Canonical URL.

    One other thing you can also take a look at, url aliases it is also out of the box. the are stored below /sitecore/system/Aliases