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Sitecore website as a subsite of an existing non-Sitecore website

We have two websites:

  1. the first one is non-Sitecore website (e.g. 'www.non-sitecore-site.com')
  2. the second one is Sitecore website (e.g. 'www.sitecore-site.com')

My task is to make the second one (Sitecore-based website) as a subsite of the first website, which is accessible by 'www.non-sitecore-site.com/sitecore-site'

I tried to make a virtual forlder in IIS, convert it to a web application and set it up for Sitecore-based site folder. However it does not work, even if I configure virtualFolder and physicalFolder both equal to '/sitecore-site' in Sitecore config files.

Is it actually feasible? Appreciate any help.