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Sitemap.XML module - sitemap.xml files not being refreshed on Content Delivery servers


I hope someone could help me with this issue.

We have the following setup:
Version Sitecore 7.2

Content Management Sever


Load Balancer


|_Content Delivery Server1

|_ Content Delivery Server2

We use Sitecore module SITEMAP XML.
We have configured all the three SitemapXML.config files to use the event

<event name="publish:end:remote">

so  that the sitemap.xml file is being remotely pushed from the CM server to the CD Server when we successfully publish a sitecore item. 

However, the remote event seems to not be firing at all. I know that the code refreshes the sitemaps and everything is configured correct, because if I change the publish:end:remote to publish:end, I can see the sitemap files refreshed, but only on the Content management server and not on the Content Delivery servers (as expected). 

 In addition to this, the scalabilitysettings are configured correctly. 

I have no idea why the remote event isn't firing?

Does anyone have any idea what the issue  might be? 

Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

Many thanks!


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