RSS Feed Rendering

How to render a RSS Feed ?i have created a RSS Feed .When i preview the rss feed it shows xml version of file. how to convert as html

  • HI

    Your rss feed for your sitecore website shows data in xml . Rss is is an XML-based format for handling web content syndication. If you want to show your data in your webpage as a Html content , like

    Title: Test name , Description : Test Description , Pubdate: 3 Jan 2019

    I think use this

    This Html Agility Pack is written in C# to parse the XPath or XSLT in HTML Dom , for e.g.

    var result = wc.DownloadString("your feed url");


    var doc = new HtmlDocument();

    var links = doc.DocumentNode.SelectNodes("/rss/channel/item/link");