Dependency of Sitecore application on Active directory services.

Our Sitecore 8.1 application production server is hosted in Windows 2008 R2 OS environment. We are planning to raise the Domain Functional Level of Active Directory Domain services from Windows 2003 to Windows 2008. How to make sure that this does not affect any our application's functionality.

Is there any way to know if our application (It is a large application built long back and none of us know it end to end) is anywhere using active directory domain services? Please help us here.

Or Does this DFL raise from Windows 2003 to Windows 2008 have any effect at all?

  • Unless you have the AD module installed, Sitecore itself does not use AD. It has its own user store. I would suggest looking for the active directory module files on the file system of your installation.

    However, you should always be running regression tests when toy make significant changes to an environment. Ideally in a Blue/Green model to avoid interrupting your users/visitors
  • In reply to Jason St-Cyr:

    Hi Jason,

    Our Sitecore doesn't have any AD module installed. But is there any chance that in back end that these AD services are used in dot net code? I know using it in dot net code is complete zero utilization of Sitecore resources available. Just making sure that this possibility is eliminated!