Is there anyway to create temporary preview links to share updated versions of a page before its published?

Currently if we want to share a preview of an update to a page with someone in our org who doesn't have access to sitecore, all we can do is screenshot it, which is messy and time-consuming. 

A common feature in other CMS packages is the ability to share a temporary link to the updated version that you can give to someone so they can see how it will look.

Does this exist in sitecore, or is anyone aware of a module that can provide this functionality?

  • The best way I know of to provide this is to do the following:

    • Create a separate "preview" database as an alternative to the web database
    • Create a new publishing target
    • Set up a new CD server that uses your preview database instead of web and set up the necessary hostname/bindings/DNS Entry as necessary.  Alternatively, you can re-use your existing CM server and add a new site definition along with some new hostname/binding settings to point to this site.

    When you want to share, you can just publish content to this new publishing target.  There are many blog posts online that talk about how to go about the setup/configuration of this approach.


  • Depends what you mean by "access to sitecore". Can they view your Content Management site (without logging in)? If so, then you can configure your CM site to display the Master DB, so visitors to the CM site see the Master content before it's published to Web DB.
  • if you are going to have proper version based items, then its simple.
    Create a menu item where you can capture the current page item url along with version which loads for preview of Sitecore content author logic, extend and use that to send that url to set of people on run time,
    so next time you will update in new version, and people can still view old version content also via URL.