removescripts set to false not working as expected

I am running Sitecore 8.1 webforms and am trying to get the Rich Text editor to not remove scripts. I changed the recommended setting as follows.

<setting name="HtmlEditor.RemoveScripts">
<patch:attribute name="value">false</patch:attribute>

The rich text editor is still removing scripts. Does anyone have an idea what I could look at to determine why it is still removing them?

Note: I confirmed in showconfig.aspx that indeed it is set to false.


  • Hi David,

    Can you hit the URL for showconfig.aspx which is like (yourhostname/sitecore/admin/showconfig.aspx) and find for "HtmlEditor.RemoveScripts" and check whether the value is true or false? Mistakenly there can be more than one entry for it.

    Also I would like to add that it is not the recommended practice since all the content editors who has access to edit value of any RichText field will be able to add script.

    Hope it is helpful