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Starting yesterday, we have been getting the ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECT error message AFTER providing our account credentials to the Sitecore login screen on our Sitecore implementation. 

Our site is hosted by Rackspace. We have verified that our security certificates are in place correctly and valid. 

We do not get this error every time we attempt to log in.


Error occurs in Chrome and IE* browsers:
- latest version
- cache and all cookies cleared
- Incognito mode
- guest account mode
- with different Sitecore credentials
- on our company's network
- on different computers
- on an external network across the country
- on a mobile device using AT&T server (mobile browser)

*On IE the browser just loads indefinitely without resolving to anything. No error is ever displayed.


Sometimes we are able to log in successfully. For example, after attempting to log in using Chrome in "guest account" mode, login was successful. Then moments later, in a new window with the same "guest account" active, the error appears again. 

- yesterday, User A was able to log in but User B was not; today, User A is not able to log in but User B is
- yesterday, Incognito mode received the error message; today it does not


I've contacted Rackspace to see if there is any possibility that the issue is with the server, but we are able to access the website itself without any problem. We are also able to access the login screen for Sitecore. The error only occurs after entering credentials and clicking to submit them.

We have made no changes to our Sitecore implementation for months. 


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