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Any video tutorials for Creative Exchange in SXA ?

Hello Everyone,

Could anyone let me know about any videos tutorials for Creative Exchange in SXA ? I need to integrate custom html and css in SXA website.

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    I don't know if there is a video specifically for Creative Exchange, but documentation is there doc.sitecore.com/.../working-with-creative-exchange.html

    Also you can take a look at the Getting Started with SXA with Una Vernhoeven, www.youtube.com/watch
    This covers the whole concept of SXA
  • If you need to integrate custom HTML and CSS then I am afraid using Creative Exchange will be unusable for you or at least extremely hard to use. We have created our custom flow between FE and BE developers. Client had their own Style Guide and Accessibility requirements where we also needed specific HTML and CSS to follow. Therefore we have removed almost everything from SXA theme. FE team prepared HTML for each component as Handlebars. BE devs then created components based on this. CSS was generated by FE team in their CI/CD pipeline and we were just linking it from our custom MVC layout. Therefore we completely removed usage of Creative Exchange in our project. SXA is framework / accelerator therefore you can pick functionality which is beneficial for you. If not, use your prefered method which suits your needs. Do not try to bend / alter something just because it is in the package...
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    Okay and thank you for the link
  • In reply to Peter Prochazka:

    I got it. However, when we work on Style (SXA functionality) in SXA and then we need to provide value(css class name) and i want to provide custom class where i can create own css style but i dont know, where can i write custom classes which i will use for styling in SXA. I am new in SXA and working on its functionality. It would be great if you assist me.