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Hashtag in URL with querystring moved to the end

The company I work for have decided to start using SiteCore for content management.

We have a lot of Angular SPAs (single page applications) that use hashlocationstrategy for routing. Not going in depth on this; but this means that the url to the app contains a hashtag used for routing to the correct page in the SPA.

When published through Sitecore, the URL is "magically" transformed. The hastag is moved to the end of the url.

- URL before Sitecore: "https://www.somesite.com/mainapp/dist/subapp/#/?type=btut"
- URL after Sitecore: "https://www.somesite.com/mainapp/dist/subapp/?type=btut#/"

Is there a way to publish URLs without Sitecore transforming them?

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  • Hi Gaute,

    Are you giving this links as a value to the General Link field or have you have modified any routing pipeline of the Sitecore to suit your requirements? As on the fresh instance of Sitecore, I am able to get the URL as is.

    Try to install fresh instance of Sitecore and try it for one URL & if it still replicating the issue then please share the steps you followed so that we can help you.