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How to get workflow details from Item using Sitecore Item service

How Can I get workflow and workflow history for current Item using Sitecore API Item Service?

get item details using below query

Query to get Item


JSON Result

          "ItemID": "25a40733-babf-4f16-a025-a3ffb0c84c05",
          "ItemName": "itemName",
          "ItemPath": "/sitecore/content/Home",
          "ParentID": "59b7047e-1063-4f2e-a452-4ca466ecb621",
          "TemplateID": "3191fecf-905e-4ca1-a007-05ba9f5b7455",
          "TemplateName": "templatename",
          "CloneSource": null,
          "ItemLanguage": "en",
          "ItemVersion": "1",
          "DisplayName": "testuser",
          "HasChildren": "True",

in the above result don't have the workflow details.

Thanks in advance.

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