Feedback request: NuGet support and Sitecore

There are at least a couple of (unofficial) NuGet-related solutions available for Sitecore. The solutions I know of are:

What are your thoughts on those solutions? Apart from having Sitecore provide an official NuGet server that provides packages for Sitecore, are there things you'd like to see added to these solutions to make them better, easier to use, etc?

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  • In reply to Sean Holmesby:

    Don't worry about technical side - it is just my principle to never accept pull requests with "Merge it as is" button. I'm just bloody busy at the moment, all these projects (nuget, sim, etc.) are side-project that must be done only when main ones are done or not urgent.
  • In reply to Alen Pelin:

    Yeah that's fine, I completely understand.

    And I understand about the merge. I'm the same, although with the recent changes I found it easier to merge it as is, then do commit by commit updates to fix it back up.

    I suppose that's what happens when there's effectively two branches doing different refactoring on each. :-)

    But maybe there's a Git feature I don't know about yet that would help this scenario.