Creating Workflows within a folder and display within Workbox

I have created a folder under /sitecore/system/Workflows and then within this folder i have created all my solution specific workflows.


However when I run the Workbox, the new workflows are not listed within the Workflows. What is listed is the folder that I created. Selecting the folder does nothing.


Does anybody know how to have the workbox display all workflows for selection that are specified in the workflow folder, including those that are in a subfolder?

I have tested this on 7.2, 7.5 and 8.2 All exhibit the same functionality






  • The default WorkflowProvider in Sitecore only supports the Workflows being stored as child items to /sitecore/system/Workflows, it doesn't allow for workflows in folders.

    It's not something I've done, but if you really wanted support for subfolders, you should just be able to create your own class that inherits Sitecore.Workflows.Simple.IWorkflowProvider and configure it as the WorkflowProvider for the master database. Here's how the default one gets instantiated:


    <database id="master" singleInstance="true" type="Sitecore.Data.DefaultDatabase, Sitecore.Kernel">


      <workflowProvider hint="defer" type="Sitecore.Workflows.Simple.WorkflowProvider, Sitecore.Kernel">

          <param desc="database">$(id)</param>

          <param desc="history store" ref="workflowHistoryStores/main" param1="$(id)"/>





    You could get a headstart by decompiling the default WorkflowProvider and then adjusting the code to allow for subfolders in the GetWorkflows() method.

  • In reply to Alex Washtell:


    Thanks a lot. This is what I needed to start my investigations. I could not find anything in the config files initially but realise my mistake was in searching for IWorkflowProvider, which does not exist. Should have searched for WorkflowProvider instead.