Sitecore doesn't publish full item. Item name and template change not getting published.

Recently I create a new Sitecore site using SIM and latest version 8.2 update 3. But I keep bumping in errors during development, after some investigation, I found that some things are not fully published.

The most obvious ones are the item names and template change.

  • Field does not display because the field name change is not published
  • Url looking stale because item rename not getting published
  • Page broke after I switch a view rendering to controller rendering because the template change is not published

I tried single-item publishing, republishing, and whole site publishing. None of them works. I have to go to the web database, delete the affected items, switch back to master, and publish again. I can keep developing nonetheless, but I am more worried about Url changes for the content editors.

Everything else looks so normal to me, even the logs are squeaky clean. Can someone help me with this strange issue?