Publishing Service Failed: Could not resolve stores: 'web' of type target

I just installed the Sitecore Publishing Service and I'm getting the error "Could not resolve stores: 'web' of type target." Has anyone else seen this issue? The service is running correctly, and Sitecore publishing dashboard is displaying the attempts. I looked in the publishing service logs to see if there was anything more helpful there, but nothing more descriptive than that error.

  • Did you check if "target database" field in your publishing target item "web" has correct value?
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    Yeah, the publishing target item's value is just web.



    And the ConnectionStrings.config is set up the same way it was before I installed the publishing service. It was working fine before installation.

    <add name="web" connectionString="..." />

  • I have submitted a support ticket for this issue. Will update when resolved.
  • Ok, support takes a while, and I figured this out in the mean time. The underlying source of the problem is that when Sitecore is shipped, its default publishing target is called "Internet". I changed the value of /sitecore/system/publishing target/ "Target Database" field value to "web", because my users are accustomed to seeing it that way. My connection string has been updated accordingly.

    <add name="web" connectionString="..." />

    If you look in the Publishing Service site's /config/sitecore/publishing/ directory, there is a file called sc.publishing.xml. Inside of the <Targets> node is where targets can be edited or additional targets can be added. The default target that comes shipped with Sitecore Publishing Service is <Internet>. Now, here's where I'm not sure if I followed the proper methodology, as the Sitecore Publishing Service documentation states that you're not supposed to edit any of the files within the /config/sitecore/ folder. I'm sure there is a way to patch this in, but xml patching is not one of my favorite past times. If someone can recommend a better way to do this, feel free to interject. Here's what I changed:





    I renamed the node to "web" to match my Target Database value. The site is now publishing perfectly.

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    Slight suggestion:

    Try renaming the item back to Internet and then set the Display name of the publishing target instead.

    Ran into the same issue for the same reason, and switching the item name back and the display name to a user-friendly value seemed to serve both needs perfectly.
  • This easily can be caused also if your source is selected as web database and not master, could be a good reference for others.