Add an itemrule to a template to validate two fields


I'm currently having trouble with the sitecore ItemRules system.

Here is my scenario:
Im having two field called Country and Continent in my template, both are treelist. When the user try to save the item, we prevent saving if both Country and Continent are empty.
The user must select at least one country or one continent (or both).

To do so, I followed this article :

However, im getting stuck with the standard value part.
Here is what im doing, step by step:

  • Create a folder named Custom under Settings/Validation Rules/Item Rules/
  • Add a new validation rule with the right type and parameters and save
  • Click on the "__Standard Values" of my template and show the Standard fields
  • In Validation Rules tab, add my previously created rule to:
    • Quick action bar validation rules
    • Validation button validation rules
    • Validation bar validation rules 
    • Workflow validation rules

When I create a new item from this template, there is no trace of my rule as being active.
What is strange is, when I click on the "__Standard Values" of my template, the breakpoint in my StandardValidator class got triggered.


Am I doing something wrong ?

Thank's for your help :)