Resolving Multiple Field found on Solr Field Map


After an upgrade to Sitecore 9, our Search.log is full of thousands of entries like the below:

56804 00:00:28 WARN  Processing Field Name : __publishing groups. Resolving Multiple Field found on Solr Field Map. No matching template field on index field name '__publishing_groups', return type 'List`1' and field type 'checklist'

If I add an entry to Sitecore.ContentSearch.Solr.DefaultIndexConfiguration.config listing the field name and return type:

<field fieldName="__publishing_groups"  returnType="stringCollection" />

The error goes away. However, we have hundreds of fields in our Solr index, and adding a config entry for each of them doesn't seem feasible. Is there any way to pacify these warnings in one go?




  • Hi Chris, I am in the same boat.

    This link explains the field resolution logic but it is sad that Sitecore did not address this problem even on 9 Update 1.

    I found that the Solr indexes the items of type "Template field" with underscores for spaces. But when Sitecore queries, it uses spaces. I believe there needs to be a way to encode the spaces to underscores before firing these field resolution queries to Solr.

    I am going to raise a ticket with Sitecore support.
  • In reply to Jay Ramasamy:

    Sitecore acknowledged this bug. Response I got from the support team:

    The behavior you reported was registered as a bug in our bug tracking system.
    The Search log is flooded by WARN messages when there are more than one typeMatch of the same “type” attribute (configured in /configuration/sitecore/contentSearch/indexConfigurations/defaultSolrIndexConfiguration/fieldMap/typeMatches).

    We are currently working to provide the solution for this bug and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

    To track the future status of this bug report, please use the reference number 204414.
  • In reply to Jay Ramasamy:

    Hi Jay,
    I'm on the same boat here too, how do we even follow up on that bug?
    if that fixed would you please update this post so people in the future get an answer.
  • In reply to Fernando Albernaz:

    Hi Fernando, we can use this reference number 204414 to follow up on the fix. I think this is the only way.

    I will keep following up and keep you posted on this thread.
  • I ended up adding a log4Net ignore filter, which doesn't fix the problem, but does get around it:

    <appender name="SearchLogFileAppender">
    <filter type="log4net.Filter.StringMatchFilter">
    <regexToMatch value="Processing Field Name|Resolving Multiple Field found on Solr Field Map. No matching solr search field configuration on index field name" />
    <acceptOnMatch value="false" />
  • In reply to Chris Perks:

    Thx Chris, whilst that is not the fix (as you said yourself) it certainly gets around it while we await for the fix.
  • Hi Guys, Did you find the fix for this?
  • Sitecore provided the fix which is exclusive for v9 update 1. Hotfix 206976-1 Sitecore.ContentSearch

    Instructions from Sitecore:

    Be aware that the hotfix was built specifically for Sitecore XP 9.0 rev. 171219 (Update-1), and you should not install it on other Sitecore versions or in combination with other hotfixes, unless explicitly instructed by Sitecore Support.
    Note that you need to extract ZIP file contents to locate installation instructions and related files inside it.

    I have tested and did not see any issues so far. Please can you test and give feedback?
  • In reply to Jay Ramasamy:

    For anyone in the same situation, this fix breaks Digizuite Dam integration. Possibly other SOLR dependent tools. It did fix the issues reported here and was working fine, until we integrated with Digizuite.
  • Link appears to have gone weird in the suggested answer, re-posting for people passing through: Download SC Hotfix 206976-1 Sitecore.ContentSearch here