Resolving Multiple Field found on Solr Field Map


After an upgrade to Sitecore 9, our Search.log is full of thousands of entries like the below:

56804 00:00:28 WARN  Processing Field Name : __publishing groups. Resolving Multiple Field found on Solr Field Map. No matching template field on index field name '__publishing_groups', return type 'List`1' and field type 'checklist'

If I add an entry to Sitecore.ContentSearch.Solr.DefaultIndexConfiguration.config listing the field name and return type:

<field fieldName="__publishing_groups"  returnType="stringCollection" />

The error goes away. However, we have hundreds of fields in our Solr index, and adding a config entry for each of them doesn't seem feasible. Is there any way to pacify these warnings in one go?