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All content missing from Web database after full site republish

 Our company website is built in Sitecore, and one of our marketing team had just updated a form and tried to publish the changes. Their change was not showing up so they tried a full site republish. At this point the site went down.

We have tried republishing several times since and every time it says 'Published 0 items'.

The Web database is completely empty, it doesn't have any items in it at all (which explains the site going down), but all expected content is visible in the Master database.

I have checked the state of our Home and Site item and both are publishable and not in any unusual/draft workflow state, so this is not the cause.

The only change made was a wording change on a form item.

Our site is using Sitecore 8.2 (rev. 161221)


This is quite urgent, so any help is greatly appreciated!

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    We had the same thing, do you have EXM installed? In our case I guess it had something to do with rename of the 'en' language and the EXM installation doing a database cleanup. But I could never see it happening in the logs. IT was so weird because in the timeline this happened 2 weeks after the change.

    Can you check if the master database still has versions of system nodes? In our case only a restore of the databases did fix the issue.
  • In reply to Berend Haan:

    Hi Phil,

    I’d suggest to elevate your logging (on CM instance) to DEBUG and once you re-publish, check (on CM instance) your Sitecore and Publishing log. The former (in DEBUG) should tell you why it’s excluding items from the publishing.

  • In reply to Martin Ivan:

    There is publishing issue with Sitecore 8.2 and hot fix you can find here kb.sitecore.net/.../136794
  • There is publishing issue with Sitecore 8.2 and please install this hot fix kb.sitecore.net/.../136794
  • Update:

    We fixed our instance by restoring the database from a backup. The current plan is to compare the database schema from the broken version with the backup in order to work out exactly which item was causing the publishing issue.

    It is extremely odd, even editing a single item on a page and performing a publish of that specific thing (with no related/subitems being published) resulted in a publishing failure which would then prevent any further publishes and the Web database being completely empty.

    I'll post an update again if we manage to find out which item had caused the publishing failure.
  • In reply to phil.quarrell boxuk.com:

    I realize this thread has been stale for a whle, but were facing a similar issue. In our case, a user would go to the root Sitecore item and publish that item, that would result in removing all items from the production database. On the publish tab of all items, a list of available publishing targets are listed for selection. This allows you to control which publishing targets a user can publish this item to. In our case, we have a preview and production target defined. The sitecore root item was configured to only be publishable to the preview target. Because of this, whenever a user tried to publish to the production target, Sitecore would find the root item in the production database triggering the publish process to actually remove it from the production target (this is because Sitecore thinks it shouldnt be publishable to this target and therefore it shouldnt exist).

    Our fix was to configure the root item to be publishable to both publishing targets. Check the root item you are publishing and make sure you dont have any publishing targets selected (this will allow an item to be publishable to all targets), or make sure the targets that are configured are where you actually want to publish the folder.