How can I change the default media library path in Sitecore 9?

My company uses a multi-site configuration where each Site node has it's own media folder. After upgrading from Sitecore 7 to 9, I no longer have the access to upload / access images from the media browser to a path outside of the default Sitecore Media Library. How can I change this?

For example:




               Media> (I would like to access this folder)


              Media> (I would also like to access this folder)

Media Library> (I can only upload or access this folder and sub folders with the built in media browser)



  • First, It is more convenient to go back to the media library and create a folder structure there. But with Sitecore Experience Accelerator (SXA) they did the same thing separate media folders per site, so look how it is solved there.

    What you can do is, set the Source in the Template of your Image field, to /sitecore/content/
    this works for Image fields, but how about Rich text?