How do you apply a style to a "General Link" email address

Hello, I'm using Sitecore 8.2, and I have a template with a general link field. When creating content based on this template, one of the options is "Insert email". When I select this option, the following form pops up. No matter what I type in the "Style" property, I can't get that value to render. I've tried adding both CSS class names, and raw CSS.

When the link is rendered on the page, here is what the code looks like:

If I use the "Insert External Link" option, it gives a "Style class" property, the link renders perfectly.

I see that on the email option the field just says "Style", and on the external link option the field says "Style Class". Therefore, I'm guessing that the email option is looking for something other than a class name, but I can't figure out what it is, and raw CSS does not seem to work. 

Can someone advise me on how to use the "Style" property of the "Insert email" option of a general link?

Thanks! -Chris Crawford