What is sitecore\virtualssuser?

Hi ,

I am seeing a sitecore\virtualssuser in one of our sitecore implementations in Production environment. Can anybody please explain what this is? I know there is a comment on Stack overflow but it do sent explain much. 

I request anyone answering to not redirect me to any blogs.


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  • Hi Rohit,

    In sitecore we can use custom authentication without having users in the Sitecore Core database.

    So in that case we can use/create Virtual user to login to our website where we have to provide access to few section which are accessible for Logged user only.

    hope it will help you .
  • The sitecore\virtualssuser is a user created for making Screen Shots, When you use Content testing, you see a screenshot of the page.
    When I do this I don't see the virtualssuser in the /sitecore/client/Applications/LicenseOptions/KickUser.aspx

    But do you see the user there? perhaps you have a issue with some pages that keep loading and never or very late ends? or there is a issue with a Specific Sitecore version??.
    Where do you see the virtualssuser ?
    What Sitecore version are you using,?
    Do you use Content testing?

    Unfortunately I am going to refer you to
  • Do you use unicorn sync?
  • Virtual users are not permanent users in Sitecore (Core db) and they just created for authentication and will be residing in memory.
    They don’t get fully persisted, and you won’t see them in the User Mananger. However, Sitecore treats them like any other user when it comes to roles + access rules. You’re even able to specify custom properties for virtual users. For more details