rebuild xdb index


i going to rebuild by xdb index,

here below i find the steps.

To invoke the rebuild request command:

  1. Go to the server where the xConnect Search Indexer is running and open command line.

  2. Navigate to the folder that contains the service - for example: C:\inetpub\wwwroot\<xConnect Collection Search service root>\App_Data\jobs\continuous\IndexWorker.

  3. Run XConnectSearchIndexer-rr (alternatively XConnectSearchIndexer-requestrebuild). The command registers a small document in the live core signaling that the rebuild should be started. The xConnect Search Indexer will notice the document and start the rebuild process.

i'm using locally . i have no idea about where indexer running and where i find the command line 

any help?


  • It is about the Windows Command Prompt, CMD. also known as MS-DOS prompt

    Just push the windows button, normally left, under on the screen. and type CMD see

    When you install Sitecore 9+, I assume your on 9 right? There are some windows services installed,
    Go to the windows Services, and you find it, push the windows button, and type Services.
    In the Services Desktop app, you find some services the one, started with Sitecore xConnect is the one you need. In the properties you found the path to the executable.
    Normally in the App_Data folder from the IIS xconnect website.

    In the command line you can use the CD command to go to the location see


    Rebuild the xDB index in Solr: