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What is your experience using the Helix architecture principles?


We are looking at starting a new Sitecore project and are discussing if we should use the Helix architecture principles or something else.

Our main concern with the Helix architecture displayed in the Habitat project is regarding Visual Studio performance. It seems to take quite a long time to load a Visual Studio solution based on the Helix architecture, due to the amount of projects in the solution file (which also affects your total build time on the build server). When you Google for information about the Helix architecture, the majority of results are regarding the theory behind Helix and how to work with it - I have not been able to find very much information about actual hands-on experience with it.

So please share your Helix hands-on experience here or in case you chose NOT to use Helix architecture, what you are using instead.

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  • Hi Jesper,
    Please find below my experience details:
    -Separation of concern
    -Loosely coupled
    -Easily understandable by developer becz it's standard practice, and reduce KT time.
    -Code quality because developer with Helix knowledge knowing it where to add which solution/file/classes when process streamlined
    -Re-usable. Lift and Shift
    -Agreed with you. It will increase build time which affect CI/CD pipeline
    - Helps in Sitecore support