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Can settings such as gutter items and desktop items be saved and persisted for Virtual Users

We have configured our CMS to use AD Azure authentication so we have Virtual Users.
The problem we are having is when a Virtual User selects gutter items to see in the Content Editor or adds a shortcut to the desktop these settings are lost when they logout and log back in.
Is there a way to have these settings saved as they are for a native Sitecore user?

We are on Version 8.2 Update 5

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  • Virtual users are not permanent users in Sitecore (Core db) and they just created for authentication and will be residing in memory.
    They don’t get fully persisted, and you won’t see them in the User Mananger. However, Sitecore treats them like any other user when it comes to roles + access rules. You’re even able to specify custom properties for virtual users.