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How to search for internal link?

I'm new to SiteCore, and this question pertains to SiteCore version 7.2 and and 8.2


We have hundres of pages in SiteCore for our intranet, and I was recently asked if there are any links within the intranet that point to https://subdomain.domain.com


I assumed the Search in SiteCore would do this - but that doesn't seem to be the case...does the search only search page names?


How do I search not only the content of the pages, but the links themselves? (Since the content may be "click here" and the anchor would be https://subdomain.domain.com)


I need to find all the pages with the content, AND any link anchors that have that link - in other words, I need a way to search the HTML content, not just the displayed content.


Any help appreciated.

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