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$date parameter in standard values

I have used $date in the standard value for the "date" field in sitecore.  The issue i am facing with it is, when i create a new content item: It show one day back as latest date.


i.e. if today date is 3/1/2019

it's showing in sitecore content editor as "2/28/2019" and raw value as "20190301Z" 


a. if I save the item without changing that field. It will change the raw value to "20190301T000000Z",  so after that whatever date i select the raw value is always one day ahead.

b. If i change that field and save the item ex 3/1/2019, it's saving the value to "20190301T060000Z"


It kind of confusing sometime its saving the value with "T000000Z" sometimes saving with "T060000Z".  Can anyone share some idea about it.