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Ordering of menu categories

Here is the current state of my menu:

The vertical space between categories (Surge Protection, Grässlin, Sensors, etc) is what we desire because otherwise, this thing was as long as the background page.

BUT, I am now unable to order these categories. I have been told by the developer it is no longer possible to order these categories. I wanted to get input from other users as to whether or not this is true. I can't imagine not being able to order these items, they are falling into place randomly. This layout doesn't even save the maximum amount of vertical space.


Here was the initial work performed on the menu:

I was able to order the categories then, but as you can see there is an enormous amount of white space.


Many thanks for any input.

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  • Unless you are using a standard menu control delivered as part of a known framework, your menu capabilities are entirely dependent on how your particular solution was implemented. In order for anyone in the community to provide guidance, we would need to see how it was implemented, not just the visual result.

    For example, if it is using an iteration over a collection of links and generating DIV tags, then using specific CSS to align them, you might have HTML markup limitations that prevent a particular scenario you are looking for. To get the specific layout you wanted, they may have gone with a more "fixed" structure to get you the exact layout you wanted, at the expense of the author control.

    There is usually no scenario that is "impossible", but it might not be possible without making changes to the underlying implementation of your menu control.

    Is there any way to have your team share how they implemented it? Perhaps the community could provide some guidance on how to achieve what you are looking for.