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External Links in Rich Text Fields changing

I'm very new to Sitecore.  I have run into this problem where users are adding external links in their content specially in Rich Text fields.  These links are repeated over and over again.  The issue is that at times these links have to change.  I hope you can see where I'm going with this.

What would be the best practice to prevent the content manager from having to go into all the Rich Text fields and replace these links.  I'm open to any suggestions; however, I'm looking for something where the content manager would go to one place and change the link there and it would change in every Rich Text fields in our site.

Here is what I did but got stumped.  I created a controller that given an argument it would take the first argument and use it as a key that would pull from Sitecore the matching link and redirect the action to that link.  But I'm not sure how to map that controller to an actual URL in Sitecore...  I'm sure I'll figure it out but not sure that this would be the best solution.

Any ideas are welcome.