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Fallback Language from API without having "EnableItemLanguageFallback" set to true

If we have set in the sitecore admin some fallback language items and fields, and then we have a website, which does not have this EnableItemLanguageFallback and EnableFieldLanguageFallback set to true, is there a way to get the fallback values from API?



this has EnableItemLanguageFallback and EnableFieldLanguageFallback set to true, fallback stuff are set and we can see it in the content editor.


this site is using same setting from sitecore, but it does not have EnableItemLanguageFallback and EnableFieldLanguageFallback set to true - it returns empty values instead of fallback value.

My question is: Is there a way how to get fallback items and fields without having EnableItemLanguageFallback and EnableFieldLanguageFallback enabled on the website via API (something like force API to load fallback value)?