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Template for Technical Specification Document

I'm trying to find a template for Tech. Specification Document, and the purpose of this is:

1. Share a sample with clients and they will specify all their requirements following the template. (Many of our clients are unaware of how Sitecore development works (e.g components are build instead of pages) even after they chose this platform).

2. This doc will serve as a reference for every stakeholder - Developer will know what is expected or editable fields for a component, QA will know what test cases to write for each component, and the client will use this to check the ouput if all specs are met.

3. There will be only two documents for reference for all stakeholders - the static HTMLs given by designers and the TSD to check the requirements.

I have made one, but it is at the component level, where this kind of data has to be filled out by the client.

- Name of the component (I believe this is important as it saves time for a dev coming up with appropriate names or else, we will start naming them Accordion_1, Accordion_Blue_Border, ....oh what not!)

- Which elements should be editable.

- If it's a carousel, will it be used only once or page or as many as they want.

- Any more specs like - max slides to show, length of a title etc etc. But I'm sure there is a better /standard template which people are using out there which asks for clear details making the lives of dev/testers easier.

Could anyone pls share any sample if you have.

Also, do you have any other name for it - Functionality Spec. doc/Business requirement doc.

[There is a similar question on this forum but I'm actually wanting to have a look at a real document]


Thank you.