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Solr Suggest query - filtering by Site


I have a problem with solr suggest query. I am trying to filter results of suggest functionality by Site in Sitecore (sitecore\Content\Websites\MySite). So I was not able to find how to do that properly. I tried to do it like this:

localhost:8983/.../suggest OR MySite)

but it did not work and I tried various modifications, but without success.

I am new in Sitecore and Solr, but this can be some bug.

Btw. I did not find so much documentation about suggest.cfq Solr parameter.
Many thanks for answer.

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  • Sitecore has this bug, and it can be addressed only when u maintain seperate index at site level and use the same.
    I am building a plugin for search and suggest to make more dynamic, which would be released by month end.