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Restrict Workflow permission

  Workflow Scenario :

Create two users (A,B), one for Author and one for Approver respectively.
Create one user (C) with all three roles mentioned above.

What should happen (if it doens't work like this then it needs fixing)
User A creates the content and can submit it in the workflow
User A can't approve/reject content (check)
User B can't edit the content when awaiting approval however they can approve/reject the workflow content.
User C creates content can can submit it in the workflow
User C can approve/reject the content

I'm able to achieve all but getting trouble for User B (approver) who is able to approve/reject but it shouldn't allow to edit the item (In my case its allowing to edit content as well !!!!)

Can anyone came across this kind of situation to restrict content approver to allow only to approve/reject and not to edit any item.

PFA the screenshots for the permissions am setting on workflow level.