modified jquery is not reflecting at production in sitecore

Hi Everyone,

 Hope you are fine there.

 I have one question, hope if anybody can help me out with this.

 I have a page in production. I also have modified its jquery in "Footer Includes" section. 

Now, when I published my changes, the changes not reflected in production. I also have cleared the cache, but they did not reflect. I also checked the "view source" of that particular page in the browser, but the modified script does not reflect on that page.

In order to resolve this, I checked that script again on  "Footer Includes" section from the "Content Editor" and published again, but the modified script does not reflect on that page.

Can anybody help me to understand why the changes were not seen on Production?


Any help will be highly appreciated.



Amit Halder

  • Amit, I am assuming you have field on Item there you are updating the JS code right? Also you have access of navigating web/prod db.

    If this is case then I would suggest you to go and check in web/proddb by right bottom corner DB selection. And go to that item check if your changes reflecting there or not.

    If changes are not there then your item doesn't published go and publish it again.