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Adding data programmatically into Solr

Hello everyone,

I need to insert data into a custom solr index using code without creating any sitecore items.

Here's my scenario, I am fetching data from a service every 12 hours which on each call it returns nearly 20k rows of data. among this data there are updated information and new information. What i'm trying to do is to directly add/update these data to a custom index in solr without creating bucket items in sitecore since it takes more than an hour to add/update those 20k rows of data to the sitecore bucket.

I'm using sitecore 9 update 2.

Thank you in advance,

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  • ITs better to sync Solr from Sitecore, use Sitecore Task, scheduler to create\update Items in async modes which can reduce your job.
    Also, on update\create of each item, you can programatically update index of that item in async too. This will help to update solr in parallel.