indexing contents which are not indexed with SOLR


I'm Indexing 200.000 items (sitecore_core_index) with the SOLR engine. Can I index 50.000 items a day and start indexing another 50.000 on the second day? Or I have to index them all in one day?

I'm using sitecore 8.2 an SOLR 6.2.2

Thanks in advance.

  • rebuilding 200.000 items in "sitecore_core_index" should take xx minutes not days.

    But normally you do re indexing in one run and you need to avoid an IIS recycle but no time limit.

    For rebuild index see

    and see the Sitecore.ContentSearch.config file for the settings, parallel indexing, perhaps reducing the number of index thread will help you to speed up.