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Sitecore 7 + Solr Chinese Language

Hi Team,

We are facing an issue with Search query with Solr. Whenever we search any content (e.g. "urvesh"), search query adds "*" wildcard character as below from search logs. But, it is not generating results from Solr for Chinese language. So, we want to remove that wildcard character from the query when the language is Chinese (i.e. zh). Can you please help me to resolve the same?

English - It gives result from Solr server.
11948 07:21:28 INFO  Query - ((_fullpath:(*/sitecore/content/boots-cn/home*) AND (_content:(*urvesh*) OR _name:(*urvesh*))) AND _language:(zh\-CN))
11948 07:21:28 INFO  Serialized Query - ?q=((_fullpath:(*/sitecore/content/boots-cn/home*) AND (_content:(*urvesh*) OR _name:(*urvesh*))) AND _language:(zh\-CN))&rows=0&fq=_indexname:(sitecore_master_index)

Chinese - It does not give result from Solr server. If we remove "*" from _content & _name then it gives result on Solr GUI. 
11948 07:21:37 INFO  Query - ((_fullpath:(*/sitecore/content/boots-cn/home*) AND (_content:(*抗弯曲变形齿条和齿轮护套*) OR _name:(*抗弯曲变形齿条和齿轮护套*))) AND _language:(zh\-CN))
11948 07:21:37 INFO  Serialized Query - ?q=((_fullpath:(*/sitecore/content/boots-cn/home*) AND (_content:(*抗弯曲变形齿条和齿轮护套*) OR _name:(*抗弯曲变形齿条和齿轮护套*))) AND _language:(zh\-CN))&rows=0&fq=_indexname:(sitecore_master_index)

Thanks and Regards,