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Package Designer, selecting an item gives error "Item was not found. It may have been deleted by another user"

We are getting the above error only on certain content items in our site. Has anyone experienced this issue or have any pointers to what may be causing this?


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  • Hi Sumant,

    Is any serialization tool used in your project (Unicorn or TDS)? It may a case that one of the user within team might have re serialized the item before syncing the latest changes.

    If not then can share the sitecore logs messages when you click on this item?

    Rohan Kenkre
  • - Are you able to select that item from content editor not from packagee designer. Try selecting that item simply and see it it is throwing any error or now?

    Sometime it happens when accidentally we delete the template for an item but item still exist so on selecting an item it will give you object reference error.