How to Publish two Sitecore projects on one sitecore instance in inetpub/wwwroot

I  have two Sitecore projects, i want to publish the them in to one publish folder or in one sitecore instance in inetpub/wwwroot.

All things are published,but Web.config files are replaced by one another and It makes problem to start the Sitecore.


Is there any dynamic way to handle the projects web.config files to publish in one inetpub/wwwroot Sitecore instance?



  • Hi Prem,

    You can keep the single Web.config which will be present in your Sitecore instance folder. And change the properties of both the web.config files in your projects to Compile: None so that these files will not be published during the publish operation.

    This link can be helpful for you -

    Please let me know if I was able to answer your query :)